Loren Ford and Jack Duncan

Loren Ford and Jack Duncan

Loren Ford started his first letterpress business in his parent’s garage at age 16. After high school he served in the Army during the Vietnam campaign. Loren returned stateside to the loving arms of his wife Marsha and started Ford Printing & Mailing in 1971.

Jack Duncan’s early career as an account manager for Mayer & Co. helped him learn about business and working with corporate accounts. He managed major grocery chains in the state of California. Jack’s high school sweetheart-turned-wife, Patty and Loren’s wife Marsha were best friends and suggested the two families work as partners in Ford Printing & Mailing.

Over the past 40+ years, Loren and Jack built a substantial client list through their old-fashioned work ethic, determination and business savvy. Ford Printing & Mailing is known for printing and mailing for all varieties of educational, non-profit and political entities.

Ford Printing & Mailing is the parent company of another venture. Always looking for a niche, Loren and Jack started Pool List USA in 1983 to fill the emerging need for swimming pool businesses to market their products and services to homeowner’s with swimming pools. Pool List USA actively maintains a database of 6.5 million records and growing of residential swimming pool addresses.

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