Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

We receive a lot of questions about our services and here are our most common frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your answer here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help and answer your questions and concerns.

Direct Mail

Can I choose the salutation line or do I have to use “Pool Owner”?

You may choose any salutation you would like not to exceed 36 characters.

What are the advantages of Pool List USA doing my direct mail project versus doing it myself?

Pool List USA is a full service direct mail advertising company. We design, print and mail. You don’t have to hire an artist, print house, list supplier and mail house separately. Pool List USA saves you time and money by putting our professional team to work for you so you don’t have to!

What if my mailers are already printed by another company?

Pool List USA can provide one or more of our services depending on what you need to complete your project. Call for a quote based on your specific project.

I prefer to use my local mailing service. Will you accommodate this request?

Yes. Lists can be sent via CD, USB flash drive or email to the bonded mail house of your choice.


Where do you get the addresses?

City/County building permits, financial records, reporting agencies, and pool-related manufacturers.

How can I choose the area(s) for my requested selection?

By state, county, zip code, carrier route within a zip code or SCF (Sectional Center Facility).

What homeowner information do you have?

Income, home value, renter vs. owner,  presence of children and age of pool.

Do I have a choice to purchase or rent the list?

Yes. Call your Pool List USA representative for details.

Are there names or head of household on your list?

For an additional fee, you may use the head of household along with other selections such as income, home value, renter vs. owner and presence of children.

How do you keep your list accurate?

New addresses are added to the list annually. Utilizing the USPS database, DSF (delivery sequence frequency) provides a match and identifies non-deliverable addresses. DSF goes a step beyond the CASS certification in authenticating deliverability for a database.

I already have a pool list of 1500 addresses, can I buy unique addresses from you without duplicating my present list?

Pool List USA provides merge/purge processing which compares your file to ours and creates a report of addresses that are new to you. Call our staff with any questions you may have about this process.

I have a pool service company and would like to increase my route without mailing to my current customers. How can you help me?

After accessing your data file and/or route area we can cross reference to remove or add records to your current file.

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